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Offshore Bank Account Opening 

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Factors in Selecting Offshore Bank Account  

Bank Reputation


Banks with high credit worthiness, world known history and wide international presence can offer assurance that your money is safe with the bank.


Banks which are reputed for having a high quality and reliability of services and with very high standard of confidentiality should be considered.


Business Focus of the Bank


Clients who prefer personalised service and advice on asset and wealth management may chose private banking.

Clients with commerical focus and require access to services such as international trade, cash management, payment and financing may chose international commerical bank.


Availabilty of Account and Channel Services


Clients should consider whether integrated saving and investment account, foreign currencies account and consolidated online bank statement are available.

Other banking facilities such as internet banking, mobile and phone banking are essential features for modern offshore bank account.

Business debit card / ATM network and branches coverage (both local and worldwide) and daily transaction limit should also be considered.  Services may vary widely.


Ease of Access to Account Services and Online Security


Whether the internet banking facilities are user friendly with tight online security to protect unauthorised access. 

Certain banks offer security device in addition to user ID and password for account log-in.


Certain banks require signed receipt acknowledgement of internet banking materials prior to online account registration.


Bank Charges and Interest


Banks charges for payment services such as telegraphic transfer, foreign currencies remittance and inter-bank fund transfer may differ significantly for different banks.

Bank may charge account opening fee and the fee differs for different types of bank account and different banks.

Whether preferential interest rates are offered for foreign currencies exchange and bank deposit. 


Initial Deposit, Minimum Balance and Service Fee 


In Hong Kong, initial deposits may range from HK$ 10,000 to HK$ 50,000 or equivalent for different banks.


Average minimun monthly balance may range from HK$ 25,000 to HK$ 500,000 depend on types of bank account chosen (basic or premier account).


Monthly service fee charged for bank balance fall below average minimun required balance may range from HK$ 100 to over HK$500 per month.


Document Requirement for Account Opening 


Certain banks require documents to be certified by Hong Kong CPA.


Most banks require the account signatories, principal directors and shareholders to be physically present in Hong Kong in opening a bank account.

Certain banks may authorize the opening of a bank account without the need for directors, shareholders and signatories to be physically present in Hong Kong. The documents can be signed at one of the bank’s overseas branches in the presence of a witness from bank.


Quality and range of Banking Support 

Whether 24 hours customer service hotline support, toll free hotline, online view of e-statement and transaction e-advice are available.

Whether trading support, RMB settlement services, trade finance...etc are available.

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